Cheryl Maas has been at the forefront of women’s snowboarding for the past 10 years.

Ever since she started snowboarding at

the age of eleven on the artificial slopes in Holland it was clear that Cheryl had what it takes to make it in the pro game.

Cheryl has become truly an unique female rider with a combination of two Olympic appearances, TTR Championship, FIS World champion and she still has found time to become an established rider in the backcountry. Contest results and video parts speak for themselves.

After the success of her “Open Air” webisodes she wanted to bring more insight to her life on the road with the new “Through my Eyes” series and creating small specialty projects for the viewers to enjoy. “Bob’s on tour” was a

fun spring project she did and got other riders involved.

This summer she did a seconcond motor bike trip for "Bob's take over Oregon"

Cheryl and Sarka came up with “Shark Tales & Maas Attacks” and keep making fun episodes for to enjoy.